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GWS Magnify provides routine insights to companies, investors, and analysts wanting to stay up-to-date on consumer perceptions, experience, and app usage patterns. Our panelists generate an average 58 million data points daily across the U.S. and U.K. (overall, covering a majority of both populations).

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Who is using the Truth Social app and how does it measure up to others

The following is a summary of Truth Social app engagement statistics involving usage, app overlap, and app stickiness

Facebook/Instagram U.S. Minutes of Use March 5th (Outage) vs March 6th

GWS releases results of UK “sweet spot” study

GWS releases results of UK “sweet spot” study

GWS releases results of UK “sweet spot” study

The following provides a brief look at Reddit users in comparison to major social media platforms – Facebook, X, Snapchat, and Instagram

The following provides a brief overview of banking app users in the United Kingdom

Mobile betting a winner during the 2024 Super Bowl as 4.5 million fans take to betting apps

This is just a sample of the key stats, metrics, and insights that can be generated through GWS Magnify.

The following is a brief overview of Temu user stats and demographics in the US and UK

Mobile app analytics data from GWS Magnify reveals that sportsbook betting has attracted a surge in young users.

The number of daily mobile sessions (i.e. the number of times people are accessing Twitter each day) dropped 3% after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Mobile consumption of news from right leaning media has skyrocketed up 86%, far exceeding its high point during the previous election cycle.

Netflix’s market share of active streamers has shown little movement compared to other streaming platforms.

Perhaps it’s time for companies to have a think about their future advertising and tracking strategies.

Through September 2022, the number of women using sportsbook betting apps is up 54%, while men have increased by 41% over the same time period.

Will the slowdown in job seeking be short-lived (as seen earlier in the year) or will it persist given the current inflationary and macro-economic environment?

Discover further details on streaming trends involving Netflix and other providers.

Discover further details on streaming trends involving Netflix and other providers.

This is one of many examples of how new economic realities are driving digital behavior.

Based on most used apps during the past 6 months.

Variety is always important, especially when choosing a streaming service.

With inflation rising, who wins?

Magnify data indicates Duolingo’s viral TikTok campaign is driving up app adaptation & user engagement.

Starbucks quarterly revenue VS. Magnify active Starbucks app users.

Our Magnify data trends seem to indicate yes!

Movie theaters are open — want to go? Our survey of 35,000 U.S. adults says not really!

Female users joining U.S. sportsbook betting app craze at faster rates than men.

When consumers think of streaming video, Netflix is usually top of mind but that may be changing.

Key data insights help set expectations in lead-up to DoorDash earnings report.

More than half of consumers satisfied with their carrier’s mobile security efforts.

Consumers average more than 90 minutes of smartphone gaming per day.

Most types of apps increased in usage during the pandemic years vs. previous with finance apps seeing the most growth.

Merger captures nearly 1/3 of all mobile users that stream videos, gaining a better position amongst other “big brand” competitors.

Analyzing consumers’ smartphone news consumption habits could aid in forecasting election outcomes

Magnify – A Powerful Resource

Magnify is essentially a research platform that provides a view into a consumer’s daily life, using their mobile device to provide a 360 view of behavior. GWS collects approximately 54 million data points daily from adult smartphone users across the U.S including the top 41 metropolitan centers as well as less populated areas (overall, covering 98% of the U.S. population). Magnify enables companies to better understand how to acquire, retain and/or upsell their customers; and it provides investors and analysts with unique insight into how products and services compete as well as usage patterns and consumer opinion.


Measure coverage, speed, video and gaming performance across networks that delivery key consumer services


Monitor usage statistics and characteristics of services /apps – including volume of users, frequency of use, time spent on services, daily, weekly, monthly etc. by geography


Gain competitive insights on key competitors across performance and usage variables; determine a realistic understanding of market share


Understand user satisfaction, willingness to recommend, reasons for using your service or for switching to your competitor’s service