Smartphones connect people to the world – they are a part of everyone’s everyday life. Magnify can provide you with a lens into a day in the life of the consumer. It focuses on smartphone usage to better understand consumer behavior as well as wireless network performance.

A Brief Introduction to Magnify

Magnify is built around an opt-in mobile consumer panel and is able to report on, measure, and evaluate mobile app usage, network performance, and consumer perceptions. Data is collected from consumer Android smartphones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever and wherever consumers use their devices.

In addition to collecting key usage and performance stats, Magnify can provide consumer sentiment data based on targeted surveys that GWS conducts with consumer panelists. Data can be curated by demographic and/or usage criteria.

Adult panelists are recruited from the top metropolitan areas across the U.S. and U.K. along with consumers located in less populated areas (overall, covering a majority of both populations). Approximately 58 million data points are generated daily by panelists.

Data is anonymously collected and reported in aggregate for market research purposes only.

OMCP – A Powerful Resource

OMCP is essentially a research platform that provides a view into a consumer’s daily life, using their mobile device to provide a 360 view of behavior. The OMCP, enables GWS clients to better understand how to acquire, retain and/or upsell their customers.

OMCP data can be used to:

How it Works

We provide an unprecedented view of the “consumer experience” via a mobile phone user’s daily activities. Here’s how it works:

Panelists are recruited via mobile advertisement campaigns
Panelists download GWS' OneMeasure Perks app from
App Store
Upon install, panelists take an initial survey; they are rewarded monthly for participating in on-going surveys
OneMeasure Perks app remains open in the background and passively collects data 24/7
Reports and data released monthly, weekly and / or daily
Daily weighting of panels based of demographic and geography
Panelists earn points monthly to redeem on gift cards
Panelist activity and performance is measured daily

The Net Result

You get the most recent snapshot of what consumers (i.e., your customers) are doing — how they are interacting with your app, what are the most popular apps, who is using them, and how and when are they being used. Below is a “high level” sample of how the data can be viewed and evaluated by market segments.


Consumer usage of key commercial verticals (shopping, food, etc).


Understanding of how consumers engage with digital financial interests


Insights on mobile gaming by genre by title, category, segments, etc.


In depth view of video streaming across service (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

Social Media

Tracking key social media and impacts across consumer behavior


Insights into consumer connectivity including coverage and performance by network

Bottom line: Do you want to know how consumers use your product and your competitor’s (and what they think about it)?


Measure coverage, speed, video and gaming performance across networks that delivery key consumer services


Monitor usage statistics and characteristics of services /apps – including volume of users, frequency of use, time spent on services, daily, weekly, monthly etc. by geography


Gain competitive insights on key competitors across performance and usage variables; determine a realistic understanding of market share


Understand user satisfaction, willingness to recommend, reasons for using your service or for switching to your competitor’s service

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