U.S. Consumption of Left & Right Leaning News

(Minutes of News Consumed Monthly by Americans)*

With the midterm elections upon us, Americans’ use of mobile devices to consume news from right leaning media has skyrocketed up 86%, far exceeding its high point during the previous election cycle. Whereas, left leaning news consumption has declined by 23% during that time and has generally lagged behind right leaning media since November 2021, despite being consistently more popular for the previous two years. More details and analysis can be found here.


Data generated and weighted using Magnify, a proprietary measurement platform that collects usage and engagement data from consumer mobile devices. Our consumer dataset contains billions of records involving usage patterns, app engagement, survey data, and much more. On average, we collect over 50 million data points daily covering 98% of the U.S. population. We help companies evaluate actual consumer behavior along with consumer expectations by utilizing our proprietary audience measurement tools - gain access today by starting a free data insight trial!


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