U.S. market show signs of flatlining among active Netflix streamers

Numbers may be up globally but in the U.S., for the second quarter in a row, there has been little movement in Netflix’s market share of active streamers compared to other streaming platforms. They are still the dominant streaming service by far. Meanwhile, the streaming market overall appears to have stagnated over the last several quarters. What does this all mean? We can tell you because we have the behavioral data needed to evaluate market or company performance, uncover emerging trends, or generate “rock solid” predictive analytics.

Data generated and weighted using Magnify, a proprietary measurement platform that collects usage and engagement data from consumer mobile devices. Our consumer dataset contains billions of records involving usage patterns, app engagement, survey data, and much more. On average, we collect over 50 million data points daily covering 98% of the U.S. population. We help companies evaluate actual consumer behavior along with consumer expectations by utilizing our proprietary audience measurement tools - gain access today by starting a free data insight trial!


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